Mobiel koopjes

Online store for mobile phones and accessories

An uncluttered, clear and reliable-looking online store is one of the key aspects of e-commerce.

Develop an online store that can accommodate more than 20,000 products.
Working process was established in October 2007. The team has extensive knowledge of IT and telecom products, and that ensures good service quality and price. The telephone accessories store is also developing unique e-shop software in order to improve digital shopping online in the Netherlands.

From June 2015 until this minute, our team has been creating and developing functionality for a unique e-shop management system, and by developing new modules and/or editing them, we are expanding the functionality of already existing modules.

Technologies used in this project:

Bootstrap CodeIgniter CSS PHP
What's done

Design-compatible functionality and easy navigation

Client feedback

“Not only was the price attractive – the work was really done professionally and quickly. Working with the Western Investment team, I didn’t feel like a company that had just ordered certain work, but like a partner who works together to achieve the best results. Operative work and super communication. I also liked that when I had an idea, it wasn’t just up and programmed – first they looked to see if they could do better and discussed it with me. It feels good to work with people instead of robots – that’s how I felt when working with Western Investment.”

Marius Barends
Marius Barends

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