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Real estate project website
UAB Andrum Group
Create a clear, user-friendly website with information that is easy to change and manage through the CMS.
Working process
In developing the vision for the website, it was first ascertained that the main buyers will be higher-income consumers, so with this in mind, we tried to create a design that was simple yet subtle and a bit luxurious.
The expectations expressed by the customer were primarily focused on a convenient and modern way to choose a floor plan, perform a search according to selected criteria, and find all of the information necessary about the premises in the product page for the apartment. We therefore allocated the most attention to the Apartments, Search, Floor Plan, and Product pages. On the home page, you can view a brief introduction to the real estate project and perform an apartment search.
Unobtrusive yet noticeable contact information is placed throughout the website so that the user can immediately enquire about premises of interest.
This website is not only a presentation of the real estate project. The easy-to-use content system gives the customer the ability to change the status of the premises from Available to Reserved to Sold at the click of a button, so this can also be used as an internal sales tracking system.

Technologies used in this project:

Bootstrap CSS PHP WordPress
What's done

When you enter the site, you can select premises or learn about the real estate project

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