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Real estate project website
UAB Andrum Group
Create a functional, clear and easy-to-navigate website.
Working process
This was not our first project for UAB Andrum Group. We had previously developed websites for their Eglių Takas and Senamiesčio Arka real estate projects, so we already knew their needs and the most important aspects that had to be taken into account in the designing and programming.
The customer’s main requirements that we implemented in this project were:
- the website had to reflect the vision and idea behind the real estate project being developed: flats for young families to settle down and raise children – these are not luxury apartments, so we used rounded icons and a more casual font for the web design;
- the website had to be easy to navigate so that each potential buyer who visits the site can find the information he or she needs with just a few clicks of the mouse;
- all pages had to contain contact information as well as a button for a contact form that the user can fill out and then receive an e- mail with a link to the page that the form was sent from. This makes it possible to find out which flat was of interest;
- the website had to be easy to administer through the content management system, with the ability to change the status of a flat or parking space from Available to Reserved to Sold at the click of a button.

Technologies used in this project:

Bootstrap CSS PHP WordPress
What's done

Interactive navigation through the floors of the building

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