Bespoke solutions

We offer bespoke software solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. During the bespoke project development process, our team of qualified programmers and designers will work closely with you to create a solution that corresponds to your business goals, objectives and vision. We understand that every business is different, so we offer customised individual software solutions that meet your expectations and needs.

Bespoke solutions

Why do you need bespoke software solutions?

Bespoke software solutions help to optimise the company’s activities, create and develop processes, products and services, and implement new ideas. We delve deep into the vision of a new IT solution and the client’s business needs, and create effective warehouse management, accounting, project and task management and loyalty systems as well as other solutions that require specific knowledge. The development of bespoke solutions requires a solid technical foundation and a clear understanding of the specifics of the business, and the analysts and project managers working on our team have the experience and expertise needed to achieve the highest level of results. 

The benefits of bespoke solutions

Bespoke software solutions are usually created to handle the optimisation and automation of the company’s operational processes. The UAB Western Investment team creates and develops business process management, document management, employee timekeeping and other systems that correspond to the specifics and needs of the client’s activities. We really listen to the client’s individual needs and offer exclusive IT system solutions for the business.

Increased efficiency and productivity of company processes

By adapting a customised software solution to the unique needs of your business, we can automate tasks and processes that would normally be performed manually or require considerable human resources.

Increased staff productivity

By introducing a customised software solution into the company’s business routine, task formation, transfer and general processes are automated. A step like this undoubtedly helps employees to purposefully allocate and save time and focus on more important tasks that require specific attention.

Competitive edge and cost-effectiveness

Innovative business management models effectively improve the company’s communication with customers and employees, and help develop a sustainable business. A bespoke software solution is a tool that gives you an edge over your competitors and helps optimise business processes and elevate your company’s culture.

Bespoke solution development services include

Refinement and analysis of specific requirements

We work closely with the client to understand and refine the necessary functional and non-functional requirements and goals of the software. Based on the available information, we prepare a detailed project implementation and development plan.

Customised software design and architecture

We create a unique software prototype and design according to the set requirements and the terms of reference provided. This includes creating layouts for the visual part and designing the framework and user interface for the technical part.

Customised software programming

Based on the plan, we perform the basic programming work. We work with various programming languages – C# and PHP and their most popular frameworks: Prism, Laravel, ReactiveUI .NET, Entity Framework, WPF, ASP.NET.

Quality control and testing of customised software

In order to achieve flawless results, we carry out thorough testing of the developed product. We analyse the integrations carried out and the general principles of system operation. We provide the client with a bespoke solution that is 100% functional and meets the agreed terms of reference.

Training and consulting

Our team provides detailed training on how to use the customised software. Our aim is for your company’s staff to have sufficient knowledge and competence to employ the developed software tool, and for the bespoke solution to be fully utilised in your organisation.

Continuity of cooperation

We provide maintenance and further development of the customised software created, and ensure the smooth life of the project.

Preparation for the development of the customised software solution:

  • Project analysis – we listen to your business idea, delve into your needs, share our experience and match your business expectations with real possibilities.
  • Planning – we create a detailed plan for the implementation and development of a customised software solution. We calculate how many programmers will be needed and present the potential project implementation budget.
  • Design – we discuss and design the architecture, user interface and database schema of the future system.
  • Programming – we begin programming the bespoke solution. We work with the technologies and programming languages discussed in the project analysis phase, and perform the programming work listed in the technical specification.
  • Testing and installation – we perform full testing of the information system created, and install the solution in the working environment.
  • Development and maintenance – we ensure the stable operation and security of the solution created, and perform other work related to the development of the system.

Why choose us?

Contact us and we’ll help you make your idea a reality!

Experienced team

Only creative and competent designers, certified programmers and experienced project managers work on our team. Our team members are specialists in their field and give each new information system their full attention.

Strategic approach

We take a strategic approach to each of our client’s projects, so we zero in on each and every aspect of your bespoke solution. Our team of designers and programmers will thoroughly analyse the needs and specifics of your company in order to create the ideal IT solution for you and your business.

Attention to detail

We pay special attention to the functional details of bespoke solutions, including simple management and administration, and a carefully worked out system design that is not distracting but rather – helps users to perform the tasks they need in a quick and convenient manner.

Certified team

Our team of professional programmers, designers and project managers is ready to go the extra mile for each and every client.


We are proud to have certified Laravel programmers on our team, whose in-depth knowledge and skills enable us to provide reliable, high-quality and efficient programming services to our clients.

Microsoft professionals

We are proud to have certified Microsoft .Net/C# programmers on our team, whose in-depth knowledge and skills enable us to provide reliable, high-quality and efficient programming services to our clients.

We programme with:

We work with the newest programming technologies and follow the latest design trends, which means that we create benefits and added value for your business.

We’re trusted by:

Once you begin your journey with us, you can rest assured that we will take you far. We invest in long-term relationships with our clients, so each step with us will be firm and well thought-out. We are grateful to our clients for their trust.

Our work:

Let’s work together

We strive to create unprecedented, unique solutions in the digital world while also growing ourselves. We want to collaborate and develop a strong relationship with our clients, helping them at every stage of their business journey. If you have an idea that is keeping you up at night – contact us!

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