Online store development

Our core competences in the field of e-commerce include the design, creation and maintenance of online stores as well as their further development. One of the methods of providing e-commerce services is the online store. This is the equivalent of a real store in the virtual space, where goods and services are offered along with detailed descriptions of their purpose and characteristics as well as other related information, and customers can purchase them with ease. 

Online store development

We create online stores

We create fast and secure online stores with a convenient user and administration interface. We work with the Prestashop e-commerce system, which makes it easy to update the store’s range of goods or services, edit content and manage orders. The online stores we create are easily integrated with warehouse management, accounting, payment processing and logistics tools. Whether this is your primary or secondary way of selling your products, we have all of the competences we need to help you make the most of e-commerce opportunities and maximise your sales.

Online store advantages

Creating an online store is a process that requires a lot of effort and expertise. In order to implement a quality solution that meets the needs of the business, proper preparation is key – knowing the target audience and the requirements of the business as well as having a good understanding of the logistics, warehouse management and accounting processes.


From the customer’s point of view, the main advantage of an online store is convenience. The principle of operation of a properly designed online store must be extremely convenient and easy to understand for all users, regardless of their computer literacy and other IT skills. Online stores are not limited by location or time zone – sales can take place 24/7.

Effective reach

Online stores are available worldwide – trade is not influenced by location or time zone. Buyers can order your products from anywhere in the world. Another important nuance is the extremely fast communication between the customer and the store administration, so if you take advantage of the communication and user accessibility possibilities, the potential of the online store becomes limitless.


As the current market is strongly focused on the digital space and the potential of social media in business, the online store is becoming an excellent business engine and representation tool. An online store with properly integrated marketing tools enables a business to be noticed faster, reach the target audience and generate more sales.

Lower costs

In an online store, a large part of the work is done by the customers themselves, and as a result, there are no additional costs for filling out and storing physical correspondence, and there is no need to pay high rental fees as you would with a physical store. Maintaining sales premises becomes unnecessary, and in the case of brokerage, you don’t even need a warehouse! These are the reasons behind the overall lower costs of developing an e-commerce business.


With an online store, there is no longer a real, physical path to purchase/sale. When shopping on an online store, customers are given full control and the ability to make decisions on their own, which often results in them coming back again and again.

Online store development services include

Online store programming

We programme online stores of various complexity that are intended for a variety of purposes. We integrate payment systems, adapt online stores for smart devices, and so on. We work with the most popular content management systems: Prestashop, Wordpress Woocommerce.

Unique design

The design of the online store should not be a distraction – rather, it should reflect the company’s identity, and be tasteful, original, pleasing to the eye, convenient, and in keeping with the customer’s needs and expectations. A professionally designed online store is often the key to a business’s success.

Payment system integration

For the highest level of customer service and convenience, the payment system for goods or services that you choose must be integrated into the online store. We make it possible to pay with the most popular payment systems – PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Paysera, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Business process optimisation

Connection of the online store with accounting systems, integration of warehouse management systems, automation of logistics processes, and data exchange with suppliers – these are the main steps in process optimisation.

Creation of Prestashop modules

We create new PrestaShop modules, expand the functionality of existing modules and maintain them. We also carry out module optimisations: speed, security, updates.

The online store creation process:

  • Project analysis – we listen to your business idea, delve into your needs, share our experience and match your business expectations with real possibilities.
  • Design development and planning the functionality of the online store – we create the design for the online store and coordinate its functional requirements.
  • Programming – we carry out design coding and integration into the selected e-commerce management system. At the same time, we implement the discussed functionalities of the online store.
  • Testing – we carry out thorough testing of the new online store.
  • Project launch and further development – after the launch of the online store, we ensure its stable operation and security, train the client to use the e-commerce management system, and perform other work related to the development of the online store.

Why choose us?

Contact us and we’ll help you make your idea a reality!

Experienced team

Only creative and competent designers, certified programmers and experienced project managers work on our team. Our team members are specialists in their field and give each new online store their full attention.

Strategic approach

We take a strategic approach to each of our client’s projects, so we zero in on each and every aspect of your online store. Our team of designers and project managers will thoroughly analyse your business segment and the specifics of your brand in order to create a precise online store process strategy that corresponds to the needs of your target audience, your business vision, and constantly growing sales conversion rates.

Attention to detail

We pay special attention to the functional and non-functional details of the project: convenient page layout, easy path to purchase, user-friendly interface, appropriate graphic elements, animations and interactivity. Carefully crafted online store quality factors: CTA positioning, responsiveness, speed and reach. All this to make using it easy for both the administrators and online store users.

Certified team

Our team of professional, certified programmers, designers and project managers is ready to go the extra mile for each and every client.

PrestaShop certification

We are proud to have certified Prestashop experts on our team, whose experience and skills help us grow our success and that of our clients. It’s nice to be able to call ourselves experts in online store development!

Laravel certification

We are proud to have certified Laravel programmers on our team, whose in-depth knowledge and skills enable us to provide reliable, high-quality and efficient programming services to our clients.

We programme with:

We work with the newest programming technologies and follow the latest design trends, which means that we create benefits and added value for your business.

We’re trusted by

We invest in long-term relationships with our clients, so each step with us will be firm and well thought-out. We are grateful to our clients for their trust.

Our work:

Let’s work together

We strive to create unprecedented, unique solutions in the e-commerce world while also growing ourselves. We want to collaborate and develop a strong relationship with our clients, helping them at every stage of their business journey. If you have an idea that is keeping you up at night – contact us!

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